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What is the consumer profile? + Examples

El perfil de consumidor y sus tipos

The consumer profile is a document that describes the interests, weaknesses, buying patterns and demographic characteristics of a company’s potential customers.

By listing a set of characteristics, based on the analysis of the variables of a market, we are dealing with a real person, who is identified with an avatar and a full name, thus we have the consumer profile or target customer.

A consumer is a person who has a series of needs (physiological and well-being) and to satisfy them they make an exchange of money in exchange for products and services with a supplier. Therefore, every purchase fulfills a consumer need: recognition, entertainment, satisfaction, pleasure or social acceptance.

As you will see, the needs presented can be psychological or physical, but do not confuse them with a customer! The consumer can make a purchase at a specific time, but that does not mean that he will do it again, while a customer will frequently buy it.

It is precisely to motivate the purchase and loyalty that we create the consumer profile, because by analyzing their behavior and identifying the typology of the consumer we can reach them and convert them into customers.

5 main characteristics of consumers

Las características comunes que definen un nicho, también te permiten clasificar el perfil del consumidor
The common characteristics that define a niche, also allow you to classify the consumer profile

1. They have a profile

Each consumer has certain characteristics that identify him as part of a profile: personality, location, age, economic situation, beliefs, lifestyle and educational level

2. They demand benefits

Today’s consumer demands quality, tutorials, guarantees, speed in the purchase process, valuable content, good customer service, clarity in the characteristics of products and services.

3. They are active

Today consumers have a variety of digital tools that allow them to research on the Internet the products and services they need

4. They give their opinion

With the facilities provided by smartphones, in addition to researching, consumers share their shopping experiences, offer their impressions and reviews of the products they purchase on websites, social networks and others.

5. Follow or abandon

Consumers can easily start your brand and stop following it at the first disappointment. The key to keeping them is to serve them well, please them and meet their expectations.

Cuando conoces el perfil del consumidor es más fácil llenar sus expectativas y atender sus necesidades
When you know the consumer profile, it is easier to meet their expectations and meet their needs

If you want an effective marketing strategy, the key is to know and identify the types of consumer profiles. This way you will know how they interact with your brand.

Thanks to the consumer profile, we can determine what works best to capture the attention of your target audience. Each consumer profile is approached differently.

The more information you have about your customers, the better, since you can satisfy their demands more effectively until you achieve their loyalty with your products. Likewise, the attention you give them for the process is more personalized.

Hay varias características a analizar para crear el perfil de consumidor de una empresa
There are several characteristics to analyze in order to create a company’s consumer profile
  1. Demographic. The consumer can be described based on physical characteristics (age, sex), social characteristics (marital status, social class), economic characteristics (income, education, occupation). Even the locality where they live or their nationality.
  2. Personality. Corresponds to the reaction that an individual tends to take, for example, extroverted, aggressive, shy, among others.
  3. Values. Derived from the interaction of the consumer with his environment. They are feelings and perceptions of how good or bad it is to perform an activity or achieve an objective. Here we could mention honest, risky, superficial, giving, among others
  4. Lifestyle. Refers to a person’s general pattern of life or routine, including hobbies, where he/she spends time, money and energy. It encompasses interests (travel, clothes, pets, cars, among others) and activities he/she enjoys (technological, reader, sportsman, musician, gamer, among others)
  5. Motivations. It is the purpose or purpose that explains the purchase of a product or service. Some motivations can be: physiological self-esteem, belonging, security and personal fulfillment.
  6. Beliefs and attitudes. These are based on the individual’s own or other people’s experiences, which allow him to develop certain beliefs, i.e., opinions or judgments that he considers to be true.

Attitudes are feelings of disliking or liking something.

  • Perception. In the midst of this process, information from the environment is captured, interpreted and remembered, which defines why people react differently to different stimuli. Some are more risky, others are a little risky, and others not at all
  • Learning. This refers to the changes produced as a result of experience, translated into what consumers believe, their behaviors and attitudes. There are four ways consumers can learn: by experience, by repeated association, by reward and by discernment.

As you can see, the consumer profile is a set of characteristics that is created after carefully analyzing a market, so we can define our target customer or target audience.

Conocer lo que piensan, lo que hacen, lo que les gusta y lo que necesitan las personas te ayuda a definir el perfil del consumidor
Knowing what people think, what they do, what they like and what they need helps you to define the consumer profile

The consumer profile of the high-end smartphone buyer at Cell To You is female, single, childless, has an average age of 25, has an average college education of 5 years, high income, her career is her priority, exercises at least 5 times a week, is often connected with friends and family on social networks, perceives her phone as a work tool and uses it for public relations and is always on the cutting edge of social media trends.

With this consumer profile the company can identify the needs of its customer, therefore, it is a tool to:

  • understand your customers
  • offer the products and services they really need
  • develop focused sales strategies taking into account the characteristics of the ideal customer
  • establish the right channels to reach potential customers
  • effectively identify the competition
Cuando conoces el perfil del consumidor sabes cómo atraerlos a tu empresa
When you know the consumer profile you know how to attract them to your company

To identify the consumer profile, consumers must have certain characteristics in common that allow them to be grouped into a niche: behavior, motivations, needs… With this in mind, it is possible to select the consumer profile or the most attractive niche for the company.

Although consumers constantly change their tendencies, their behavior is usually always the same, although some are clear about what they want and others are not.

Consumers always need something, and they are constantly looking for it. That’s why to reach them effectively, the first thing to do is to understand how they classify themselves, to identify what they like and what they don’t like.

8 types of consumer profile

Así puedes diseñar el perfil del consumidor para tu empresa ¡Puedes hacerlo a tu gusto y según tu branding!
This is how you can design the consumer profile for your company. You can do it to your liking and according to your branding!

1. Optimistic consumer

They are very analytical people who think before they buy. They tend to be curious, although they need to know the opinion of others before purchasing a product or service. They are trusting, but, even so, they know very well what they want.

They are capable of paying high prices if they are convinced that what they acquire will be proportional to the quality and use they find for the product. They also think carefully about the cost-benefit ratio.

  • Researcher
  • Informed
  • Values quality
  • Confident in their knowledge
  • Explorer

Attracting this profile implies giving enough information about your product because they need to know what you sell and know that it has exclusive advantages, if so, or being in front of “something” of quality” they are willing to pay more.

2. Skeptical consumer

These are occasional consumers who do not usually show enthusiasm when making a purchase, in fact, they buy when they really need it.

They tend to be difficult, attracting them is not an easy task, as they do not like to spend their money, they are also very distrustful and see all the disadvantages that a product may have. They are also characterized by:

  • Always be informed
  • They are fearful
  • Anti-consumerists
  • Rational
  • Negative

Ensuring a sale to this consumer profile requires that you provide them with as much information as possible, but you must also be very transparent about the characteristics of what you are offering. Your advertising strategy must be informative and descriptive. Tutorials or an ebook are a fantastic option to reach them!

Cuando te topes con el perfil del consumidor escéptico brinda toda la información posible
When you come across the profile of the skeptical consumer, provide as much information as possible

3. Impulsive consumer

They buy what they think will make them feel comfortable or is on trend. They don’t say “no” to last minute purchases, they buy what they like.

They feel anxiety when choosing a product and, sometimes after acquiring it, they feel guilt because they did not really need it, therefore, they are impressionable people. They are characterized by:

  • They seek pleasure
  • They are spontaneous and very emotional
  • They are dominated by the unconscious
  • They are very subjective
  • They make compulsive purchases and tend to be hoarders

These consumers have positive responses to almost everything they see visible on a shelf or to most social media ads. Attracting them is quite simple, show them promotions or offers and they will come to you. In fact, thanks to them, Black Friday works.

4. Traditional consumer

They are very self-confident, know what they want and are thorough when they have to buy something, in fact, they do it when necessary. They prefer defined brands and budgets.

Attracting them implies that your products bring something valuable to the consumer, as they are difficult to build. Selling to them must be quick and blunt, but also clear and precise.

Among the characteristics of these consumers

  • They compare brands
  • They are analytical
  • They are open to advertising, but not impulsive
El perfil del consumidor tradicional amerita de información concisa y breve para convencerle de comprar
The traditional consumer profile requires concise and brief information to convince them to buy

5. Emotional consumer

Each consumer profile is driven by emotions, although in this case, the consumer wants to satisfy a specific need and feel identified with the product that will meet that need instantly.

To attract their attention you must provide them with a message that excites them and makes them feel comfortable, make them understand that you know what they want or need. Among their characteristics we can tell you that they are:

  • Easy to build loyalty
  • Risky
  • Focused on solutions
  • Explore brands
  • They want to bond with brands

Marketing to appeal to these consumers must connect with emotions and meet their emotional needs.

6. Hands-on consumer

This consumer profile is more focused on online shopping, so the shopping platform must be easy to navigate, user-friendly, fast-loading and convenient in terms of payment methods.

The practical consumer needs products that fulfill their function, they do not hesitate, but they do research before buying, so they can save time and make the purchase process easier. They are characterized by:

  • They are very tech-savvy
  • If it looks good and works, they buy it
  • They are realistic
  • They place themselves in context

You can entice them with discount coupons and reward them for their loyalty. You can also suggest complementary products. Share the positive opinions of your customers, reviews allow this consumer profile to feel confident when buying. Focus on streamlining the buying process and making it simple.

Una experiencia de compra ágil, clara y sencilla es clave para el perfil del consumidor práctico
An agile, clear and simple shopping experience is key for this practical consumer profile

7. Active consumer

You can find this consumer profile in both traditional and online shopping. They are not impressed by prices and discounts, but by the shopping process, as they value the shopping experience more.

Reviews influence them, so they like to be informed about products, know their pros and cons, how they are made and even how they look. I know how to be:

  • Technological
  • Informed
  • Dynamic
  • Influential

Best for them are special sales on unique products. Let them see the reviews of your buyers, let them interact and form a community, so you can improve the buying process. A clear example in this case are gamers.

8. Bargain-seeking consumer

They are patient people, who can wait the necessary time to find the product they want on sale, so they think about saving. They even know the best times of the year -when there are discounts- to make their purchases.

Not consumers of making last-minute purchases, in fact they take the necessary time to monitor if there are offers or promotions in the market and even compare prices. They are characterized by:

  • Being patient
  • They are trackers
  • They are thrifty
  • They are analytical
  • Enjoy shopping
  • They are not attached to brands

To attract this consumer profile you can make promotions that motivate them, offer them prices that they can’t miss, discount codes, coupons, free shipping and liquidations

Know the habits and customs of your consumers, their needs, update your product catalog, create a value strategy and offer creative and attractive content to increase your sales.


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