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Secrets of Advertising for Hairdressers

ejemplos de publicidad para peluquerias

In this article we are going to detail 6 important examples of advertising for hairdressers that you have to take into account and that will help you achieve your goals and differentiate yourself from the competition. We have also added an extra: 5 keys to improve the strategies we give in the examples.

If you are a hairdresser and you want to improve the advertising of your salon to attract new customers and retain the ones you have, take a look at the examples of advertising for hairdressers that we have selected for you.

  1. Use social networks
  2. Free advertising platforms
  3. Appear on Google My business
  4. Distribution of discount coupons
  5. Renovation of shop windows
  6. Promotional gifts

Online or digital advertising is one of the most important in the world of fashion and beauty. These sectors are very visual, I mean by this that potential customers want to see many designs, many models, many examples of beautiful results. There are several examples of advertising for hairdressing salons that you can do on the net. We are going to tell you about the most useful ones that we know work for many entrepreneurs in your sector.

1. Using social networks

Of all the social media marketing tools, Facebook and Instagram are two of the most powerful platforms for advertising for hair salons. More than 50% of marketers say that Facebook is their main channel and many hair salon brands use this platform to convey their message and reach their target audience.

On the one hand you can advertise for free by adding daily updated content and following new people who may be from around where you offer services.

On the other hand there is paid advertising, with Facebook Ads for example you can advertise focused on local customers and support your promotion with a good design and an online booking button. Below we will give you this key to complement paid advertising in networks.

2. Ad Platforms

Believe it or not, every day millions of people visit advertising websites looking not only for products, but also for services. Going to a spa, marketing consultancy, hairdressers, almost anything you can imagine.

So one of the best examples of advertising for hair salons is this one. As with social networks you have to update your content almost daily to not be left behind, you can do it for free but there are also paid options with which you will forget about having to be attentive or attentive every day to this task.

It is simple both to create the ads on these platforms and to update them but it will take a few minutes a day to do it and if you want to save that time you will have to pay. You have both options.

Also from these ad platforms or other similar ones you can refer these clients to a direct contact and if they don’t you can point them to your social networks so they can see more about you and increase their trust to be able to decide for your salon.

3. Appear on Google My business

In recent years, industry entrepreneurs and their marketing teams have been using digital marketing channels like Google My Business to target their audience and get more customers.

If you want your hair or beauty salon to be visible to potential clients, we recommend registering it on Google My Business.

Anyone searching online for hair treatments in your local area will automatically see your salon. When otherwise they may not even know you exist.

Examples of physical advertising for hair salons

Print advertising, the most effective weapon for your salon. We live in a world where it seems that everything revolves around the internet and digital, but the truth is that print advertising is still one of the best examples of hairdresser advertising with the best ROI that you should look at. As effective as ever, and not only that, it offers better results than any type of online advertising.

Flyers, catalogs, business cards or directories are some of the advertising products that can help you increase sales and get more clients for your salon.

They are an economical and very effective way to advertise the opening of your business, discounts and special promotions.

4. Handing out discount coupons

Handing out discount coupons is a classic but effective strategy to attract new customers and retain existing ones. You can print coupons with special discounts on your salon services and distribute them in nearby areas, shopping malls, local events or even directly in your establishment. These coupons can offer a percentage discount on a specific service or on the first visit. Be sure to include clear instructions on how to redeem the coupon and an expiration date to create a sense of urgency.

5. Storefront renovation

Your salon window is your calling card to passersby. A regular window refresh strategy can capture the attention of passersby and attract new customers. Change the theme according to the seasons, special events or current trends. Use mannequins, eye-catching colors and visual elements to showcase your services and promotions. Make sure the window display reflects your salon’s personality and style to attract the right audience.

In addition, you can take advantage of window dressing to tell visual stories. Create narratives in your window displays that not only showcase your services, but also connect emotionally with your potential customers. For example, you can tell the story of a hair transformation, from a disheveled before to a stunning after. This visual storytelling not only grabs attention, but also engages people and makes them imagine how they could be the protagonist of a similar transformation at your salon.

Look at the example in the first image. It is a mannequin and for Christmas they have decided to put its hair in the shape of a Christmas tree, and they have also hung hairdryers with lights inside. It is a different and striking result that is sure to attract the attention of many, in fact this showcase was even in the local newspapers so it gave a lot of free publicity to the hairdresser who did it.

In the second image you can see a vintage window, we could say. It seems incredible that a window from years ago is better than a current one, that it is so prepared, that it reflects so well how you can feel if you go into that salon and how they will take care of you and your hair.

Compared to today’s ones, the truth is that most of them leave a lot to be desired. They think that the window is not a good place to advertise and they think that if they change it and decorate it every season they will be throwing their money away. But the truth is that they are wrong, a good shop window like the one in the old image or an original shop window like the one of the hairdresser’s in the first image will make you get a lot of customers passing by every day. So it will always be a good investment.

6. Promotional gifts

Offering promotional gifts is a smart way to attract new customers and thank existing ones. You can give away small beauty-related products, such as hair product samples, nail polish or hair accessories, on the condition that clients make an appointment or service at your salon.

This creates an added incentive for clients to visit your salon and experience your services. In addition, promotional gifts can also function as word-of-mouth marketing tools, as satisfied clients can share their gifts with friends and family, increasing your salon’s visibility.

In addition to tangible gifts, consider offering unique experiences as promotional giveaways. For example, you could hold special “Day of Beauty” events or something more personable like “Hair Day” where clients who book certain services get a free hair accessory or styling consultation. Not only do these experiences provide additional value, but they can also generate excitement and generate emotional interactions with your clients, which increases the chances that they will share their positive experience with others in their social networks or personal circles.

It’s not enough to just advertise your salon, you have to hook your potential clients from the very first moment. Here are some keys to improve the trust, loyalty and charm of your salon with your clients.

1. Allow Online Bookings

In one of the examples of advertising for hairdressers we have seen that online advertising is a successful way and in particular if you use Facebook Ads ideally you should apply this technique to offer online bookings.

It is important to offer discounts on Facebook bookings when potential customers are browsing social networks. And providing a good CTA when they have a limited time offer can help encourage them to make a booking.

Online booking is one of the most popular marketing strategies among hairdressers. It’s a modern approach to booking that makes things easier for potential clients.

Here are some advantages of online booking that you should consider when conceptualizing your digital marketing plan.

Increases your availability and saves you time

You may be out of the office and unable to answer the phone. Your online booking platform, on the other hand, makes it easier for potential clients to book an appointment first thing in the morning, late at night or on days when your salon is closed.

Allowing online bookings is a simple way to make life easier for your clients and offer them better service without requiring much effort on your part.

Faster payments

Online booking makes payments faster and easier. Typically, platforms ask prospective clients to enter their card details or pay for services in advance. No more dealing with cards when it’s time for the appointment.

More customers

When booking is quick and easy, you’ll find yourself with new clients. If you’re a solo salon owner, keep in mind that while this marketing technique for hairdressers works well, you should avoid double bookings or scheduling so often that you’re sold out.

2. Build your social media presence

As we mentioned earlier building your social media presence is one of the tasks that support one of the most popular examples of hairdresser advertising. If your head is spinning with too many options, choose a social media platform that you are passionate about. Hairdressers who enjoy writing short, snappy content sometimes turn to Twitter, while more photo and video enthusiasts may use Instagram. We recommend Instagram because in the beauty industry, clients love to see video and photo results.

A Facebook page on social media is also a great way to get the word out about your work and make yourself easily accessible to potential clients. You can also list your area of expertise in your Instagram bio, Twitter feed or on your Facebook page so potential clients know exactly what you offer.

Your social media accounts are also a wonderful place to share promotions or interesting news. They will keep you in touch with your clients, which is one of the main components of an advertising strategy for hairdressers.

what better way to grow your client list than through your family and friends? With a quick social media exchange, your friends – and your friends’ friends – can book your services.

Just ask your family members to share your social media posts and you’ll discover the potential of social media to grow your business and get new clients.

3. Create a professional website

Social media allows you to showcase your work and reach thousands of people quickly and easily, but a professional website can give you that extra touch that sets you apart from your competition.

On your website you can add a gallery with your best work so that everyone who visits it can see examples of what you do.

In addition, it allows you to add a section to request appointments online, which is very important, as we have already detailed in the first point.

But most importantly, it allows you to position yourself locally on the Internet. Imagine you have a hair salon in the center of Madrid. Thanks to SEO, you can make your website appear when someone searches for “hairdresser Madrid center” or “hairdresser in the center of Madrid”

4. Create a powerful branding or brand image

Good branding can be beneficial in many ways. It can elevate your brand, build your style, differentiate you from the competition and also increase customer loyalty. This applies alongside one of the examples of advertising for hair salons we have seen above, just the one of resorting to traditional corporate advertising such as cards or brochures, but at the same time also to that of online advertising.

There must be a harmony between the two worlds so that they complement each other and have a greater effect. To achieve this, you must have a balanced and equal image in all your communication and advertising channels.

Before launching into your ultimate salon marketing plan, think about your target audience. You can be a stylist trying to attract clients looking for braids or a barber specializing in shaves. Clearly defining what you offer and what you do will help you attract clients more easily.

When crafting your personal brand message, try to incorporate it into the following elements:

  • Business cards
  • Website or portfolio
  • Social media platforms
  • Logo
  • Printed materials (such as banners, brochures and loyalty cards)

5. Create a loyalty program

Customer loyalty programs are one of the most effective salon advertising ideas you can immediately apply to your business.

Choosing the right program is up to you and your brand, but here are some of the most popular types to consider.

  • Punch Cards: While there doesn’t necessarily have to be punch cards, it basically consists of offering an additional free service once the person has purchased “X” number of services. An example would be, a free haircut or hairstyle for every 10 hairstyles or haircuts.
  • Discount cards: Every time your client visits you, they are given a card with a certain amount of discount on their next service or a service they may be interested in.
  • Points programs: Spend a certain amount of services upfront and collect customer loyalty rewards later. The more customers spend, the more points they accumulate.
  • Referral promotions: If you’re wondering how to get new clients as a hairdresser or makeup artist, referral promotions are one of the best ways. Not only do they boost your personal brand and increase client loyalty, but they help with word-of-mouth advertising. Do you have current clients who might be interested in spreading the word to their family or friends? Offer a referral reward if that family member or friend books with you (such as a certain percentage off their next cut, a free service or some hair care product).

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